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  Panelbed vs.       Murphybed

Cherry Moulding

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        This is the PANELBED...

        This is the MURPHYBED...

As you can see from the pictures above, both types of beds accomplish the same purpose:

- They allow a bed lift up into a cabinet, this allows the bed to not be down in the middle of the floor

- You can use a standard size twin, full, queen or king mattress, but we do recommend our mattresses, why? The majority of the life of the mattress will be in a vertical or upright positon, our mattress we have specifically made for this purpose.

Now let us talk about the differences:


- The doors lift up when the bed goes up

- The bed is lifted up with state-of-the-art gas pistons

- When the bed is in the down postion, you can access the side cabinets without any doors blocking them from opening

- The frame work is mounted to the cabinet sides, this enables the unit to be installed, without drilling holes in the floor


- The doors swing out to the side when the bed is in the down postion

- The bed is lifted up with 3-6 springs

- The frame work is mounted to the floor

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